Friday, September 18, 2015

Does Carson get the 2nd?

Dr Ben Carson gets the 2nd amendment.  Full disclosure, I am a casual Ben Carson supporter that will continue to keep a watchful eye on the presidential hopeful.  Dr Carson has been criticized for his stance on gun rights because of a 2013 interview conducted by Glen Beck.  Beck conducted a rapid fire question session and asked "Do I have the right to own a semi automatic weapon?" and Carson replied "It depends on where you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon might fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it. If you live out in the country somewhere by yourself, I have no problem.”
Since the 2013 Beck interview Dr Carson has had a lot of speaking engagements to include an appearance at the NRA convention in Nashville in 2015.  Carson supports the 2nd amendment
“This isn’t any evolution of my views, just that I’ve learned how to express myself..."
Dr Carson started his speech by saying: “This isn’t any evolution of my views, just that I’ve learned how to express myself, I assumed everyone knew what I was talking about when I was saying something . . . but the world of politics is different from the world of medicine. Just recently, Chris Cuomo was trying to trick me and he ended up looking like a fool. Just for the record, let me be extremely clear, I am extremely pro–2nd Amendment, no question about it,” As Carson continued, he obviously understands why the 2nd amendment is necessary. "having a population that is defenseless against a group of tyrants who have arms. And that is what we have to bear in mind.”
On April 10, 2015 Carson was interviewed by Brietbart about guns and the 2nd amendment.  
"The 2nd Amendment is incredibly important for a couple of reasons. Number one, our Founders felt that our nation, if ever invaded by outside forces, would be much stronger if the people could help repel those forces. Number two, and perhaps even more importantly, is if the government–our own government–ever became tyrannical, and wanted to dominate the people, the 2nd Amendment guarantees the people the means whereby to defend themselves."
The Dr also submitted an opinion on the real purpose of the 2nd amendment:
"The real purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to allow citizens to be able to protect themselves against an overly aggressive government. In order to do that, they need to have any kind of weapon that they may have, legally. And that includes semiautomatic weapons.
So, if the source that is trying to dominate you has those weapons, but you don’t have them–if all you have are pea-shooters–then your defense of yourself is not going to be very effective."
One thing remains to be seen on the doctors position, where does he sand on constitutional carry?  I will continue to dig deeper and report back what I find.  If you have any documentation on his position please let me know by emailing me.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Are you III%

You may be wondering what this means, I don't think that I am a good enough writer to explain it...  But I found someone who is good enough to articulate the ideology of the three percent movement.  I love God, this nation, the constitution and my wonderful family.  I am willing stand up to tyranny and defend the constitution, come what may.

Take a few minutes and read this post as the author gives a very good definition of what it means to be a III%er.  “Yeah, but what does that Three Percent thing MEAN?”

If after reading you are interested in connecting with like minded patriots let me know...

Thanks for reading and God bless us all


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Texas HB910 (Licensed Open Carry) Approved by Senate???

I have been following open carry legislation very closely over Texas' 84th Legislative Session.  There seems to be some political tug of war and it is not what you may think...  Many may think that the republicans in Texas would all be in favor of liberty and the democrats would provide opposition to any expanded gun rights, but you would be wrong!

Many republicans that ran their last election campaigns on expanding gun rights, err privileges, I would like to call out some of the activities and some of the most divisive representatives and senators.

The Senate passed SB17 in March 2015 and referred it to the House where it sat idle.  SB 17 would allow those who have qualified for a CHL to also carry a handgun openly, in a belt or shoulder holster. Current Texas law allow the open carry of long guns like shotguns and rifles.

House Bill 910 sponsored by state Rep. Larry Phillips (R-Sherman) would allow current CHL holders to openly carry in a belt or shoulder holster.  This bill was was passed by the House on April 20, 2015 and was referred to the Senate where it sat idle until May 18, 2015.  It was finally picked up by the committee for public testimony.  Senator Joan Huffman (R-Houston) presided over the testimony and while there were a dozen or so Mom's Demand Action supporters that recited a form letter, there were only a handful of open carry supporters two in particular CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas and Terry Holcomb Sr of Texas Carry who both stated that they would be the only people testifying in favor of HB910 from their respective groups as not to delay the proceedings any further.  Senator Estes made a motion to remove what was known as the Dutton amendment which would have prevented law enforcement officers from asking a person who is openly carrying a pistol for a license without probable cause or reasonable suspicion that a crime had been committed.  Then HB910 finally placed on the calendar May 21, 2015, it went on to have its 2nd reading May 22 where some some shenanigans came up.  The bill was expected to easily pass and then a heated debate came up.   Amendments were added, withdrawn, postponed.  The most controversial amendment that was added back to HB910 by Senator Huffines to put a ban on police from stopping people solely because they are visibly carrying a handgun.

The Dutton/Huffines amendment stirred up the political elite and law enforcement agencies.  The Dutton/Huffines’ amendment simply enforces or codifies our federal constitutionally protected 4th amendment right.  The bill was postponed until later in the evening.

"This is a mistake, and I think it's a mistake the state of Texas will come to regret," said Sen. Joan Huffman, R-Houston. Huffman, a former prosecutor and judge, added: “This is just a backdoor to constitutional carry, because, really, any person could just carry a gun without a license because they know the police can’t inquire of them if they have a license.”

Rep. Gene Wu, D-Houston, a former prosecutor, said that with the amendment, HB910 would be the effective equivalent of so-called "constitutional carry" 

The amendment took on bi-partisan support with nine democrats voting for the bill with the amendment as a way to reduce perceived racial profiling.  

“If somebody is going to be profiled for walking around the streets of Houston or Austin with a gun, someone who looks like me is more likely to get stopped,” said Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, who is black.

HB910 finally passed the Senate vote and should move straight to the Governor, but wait, there’s more.  Oh, snap there is a clerical error in the wording of the amendment that will require HB910 to go back to the House.  I guess you want to read the clerical error?

So, now the bill is sitting on the House calendar today May 26, 2015 and it is expected that the House will overwhelmingly pass and move to the Governor’s desk for signage.

This post is not to discount the desire to pass unlicensed open carry but a recognition that there has been a lot of hard work by countless people and groups to expand gun rights in Texas.  Texas is currently one of only 6 states that do not permit some form of open carry of modern handguns.  Many of the gun rights groups maintain that the compromise is a win while other contend it is simply a weak legislature that did not have the appetite to go on record with their vote for unlicensed open carry.  I fall in the latter camp.  We can continue to fight for an expansion of our gun rights by supporting groups like Lone Star Gun Rights and Open Carry Texas.  These groups will be active post 84th legislative session by outing the RINOs like Senator Huffman, Representative Phillips.  At the same time these groups will applaud liberty loving legislators like Representative Stickland and Huffines.